• Preparation of an Annual Budget. The said budget will be submitted to the Board of Directors prior to the beginning of the fiscal year for approval. The budget will be a guide for long term as well as short term plans.
  • Maintain bank accounts at financial institutions for daily operating funds and closely monitor long range expeditures to ensure escrow accounts are increasing in an adequate fashion to cover future expenses.
  • ​Pay all approved bills and make timely deposits of association funds.
  •  Maintain payroll sheets, prepare payroll checks and prepare and file appropriate tax reports and forms.
  •  Provide Board of Directors a monthly financial report.
  •  Assure a timely collection of all association fees and pursue the collection of delinquent fees in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Board of Directors.
  •  Online bank payment ability and credit card payments.
  •  Engage an outside CPA firm to prepare an annual report for all homeowners or audit if desired by the Board of Directors.